Pentagon Quietly Admits Funding 46 Biolabs In Ukraine After Months of Dismissing Russian Allegations As Propaganda

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Defense Department also confirms clandestine biolabs conducted research related to “COVID-19 pandemic.”

Will United Nations Security Council convene a meeting to organize independent investigations into the operation of these “biological research facilities”?

The Pentagon quietly released a memo Thursday admitting its involvement in helping Ukraine operate 46 “laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites” over the last twenty years.

The U.S. government had initially denied the existence of clandestine biolabs in Ukraine after the Russian military accused the government of destroying evidence of their existence in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine in February.

But not only is the Pentagon now acknowledging their existence, it confirmed helping fund these biolabs under the Defense Department’s Biological Threat Reduction Program to “consolidate and secure pathogens,” as stated on Ukraine’s Embassy website that was temporarily deleted when the reports first surfaced.

From the Pentagon’s “Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries“:

“The United States has also worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biological safety, security, and disease surveillance for both human and animal health, providing support to 46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites over the last two decades.  The collaborative programs have focused on improving public health and agricultural safety measures at the nexus of nonproliferation.”

“This work, often conducted in partnership with outside organizations, such as the WHO and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), has resulted in safer and more effective disease surveillance and detection.”

The Pentagon also revealed that some of these biolabs in Ukraine were used to prepare for “pandemics such as COVID-19.”

“Today, the collaborations in Ukraine remain peaceful efforts to improve nuclear and radiological safety and security, disease surveillance, chemical safety and security, and readiness to respond to epidemics and pandemics such as COVID-19,” the Pentagon claimed, supporting Russia’s accusation that some of these biolabs were researching bat coronavirus samples.

Shortly after Russia raised the issue of clandestine biolabs in Ukraine, the Biden administration and the media went into full-blown damage control, dismissing the claims as “conspiracy theories” and “Russian disinformation.”

But Victoria Nuland, the State Department’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs, candidly admitted in March during a Congressional hearing that Ukraine has numerous “biological research facilities”, and that the U.S. government feared Russia may try to gain control of them.

“Ukraine has biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach,” Nuland confessed.

The Pentagon’s assurances that Ukraine’s 46 biolabs are conducting “peaceful” research “consistent with international norms for safety” was contradicted by Nuland’s concern that they could fall into Russian hands.

“Any attempt to claim that Ukraine’s biological facilities are just benign and standard medical labs is negated by Nuland’s explicitly grave concern that ‘Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of‘ those facilities and that the U.S. Government therefore is, right this minute, ‘working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces,’” journalist Glenn Greenwald noted.

Notably, the Wuhan lab in China where Covid-19 potentially escaped is also labeled a “research” facility by the establishment and the press, further evidencing these labs can be dangerous.

Indeed, Russian Armed Forces claimed to have discovered 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine in March related to pathogenic research, according to the head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense of the Russian Armed Forces Igor Kirillov.

Russia implicated major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna in the DoD-funded biolab program, as well as former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, billionaire George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, and even the Bidens.

“The scheme involves major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and the US military-affiliated company Gilead. U.S. experts are working to test new medicines that circumvent international safety standards. As a result, Western companies are seriously reducing the cost of research programmes and gaining a significant competitive advantage.”

“The special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces has crossed the US military-biological expansion in Ukraine and stopped criminal experiments on civilians,” the statement concluded.

Numerous countries at UN Security Council meetings voiced concern about Russia’s allegations and demanded independent investigations via Article 6 of the UN’s Biological Weapons Convention, but Western nations dismissed their concerns.

Now that the Pentagon categorically confirmed the existence of U.S. taxpayer-funded biolabs in Ukraine, will the UNSC convene a meeting to again call for independent investigations into the matter?

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