Police Flee From A Crash That They Initiated

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“To protect and serve”…

That phrase has just about withered away in America. Now it’s more like “who’s life can we destroy today”? It’s one thing to sit and wait for a motorist to slip up so they can enact some “police justice” on, but what if the police officers initiate a traffic stop for not immediately turning on your headlights when leaving a gas station, the driver flees, crashes and the police turn off their lights, siren and leave the scene?

On May 13, 2022 in Dallas Texas, Officer Leonard Anderson and his trainee Darrian Robinson started a pursuit of an individual for no headlights. As they pursued the vehicle it crashed and caught on fire. They did not stop and render, aid they left the scene. You can even hear one of the officers say “that was his fault“.

I can honestly agree that yes the crash was the drivers fault. Also, I can bet that the reason the officers wanted to pull the driver over was to turn a simple traffic stop into a bigger arrest by “fishing”. Bystanders saw the crash and the officers leaving, so they had to help the driver and they were not too happy with the officers leaving.

Eventually other units, along with the fire dept. arrived on the scene. When the bystanders tell the officers about the original officers leaving the scene they are treated as if they are making it all up.

The lesson to learn from this is that law enforcement officers in America have no duty to protect anyone, unless they have arrested them. The supreme court has ruled on that. They can literally stand by and watch a person die and not be held accountable. As Americans we are all own our own.

Well, at least officer Leonard Anderson was fired from the department. But he will simply go to another agency and continue with the same conduct.

Here is “The Civil Rights Lawyer” showing us the whole incident as well as explaining any civil liabilities.

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