Powerful video interviews of the week: Jeffrey Prather on national security and Mikki Willis on national healing

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Here are two very important videos from the week, featuring Jeffrey Prather discussing national security and Mikki Willis (creator of the Plandemic movie) on national healing.

These two people occupy top positions on my list of people you want to pay attention to, offering expert analysis and thoughtful solutions for the problems now facing us. Other people well worth checking out include JR Nyquist, Clif High and John Rubino.

In this first interview, Jeffrey Prather and I discuss the China threat against the United States, covering the most likely vectors of attack and how Americans might survive the chaos of the world war that has already begun (it was started with the covid bioweapon).

Prather is extremely well informed about government ops, world events and “fifth generational warfare” tactics. Watch and share this video everywhere you can:

Filmmaker and father, Mikki Willis joins me to discuss the covid cover-up and how evil people in government deliberately withheld affordable, effective medical interventions that could have halted the plandemic and saved millions of lives worldwide.

Mikki is a true healer and truth-teller, and his desire is to help America heal from division and disease while bringing us together to defend our health freedoms against a wicked class of deceivers who are literally trying to murder humanity.

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