Pride Insanity: Mom Forces Unwilling Child to Watch Gay Festivities As He Recoils in Horror

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Boy tries to avert attention from unseemly activity, before adult forcibly turns him around to face depraved festivities.

Footage from an LGBTQ event over the weekend appears to show a mom forcing her child to watch gay pride festivities, as he attempts to turn away from the debauchery.

In a seconds-long video highlighted by independent reporter Drew Hernandez, a boy appears to be trying to avert his attention from unseemly activity and turns toward his mother or guardian, before she forcibly turns him around to face the depraved festivities.

The boy also appears to put his leg out and lock it to keep from being turned, however, he’s overpowered and must face the activity.

Hernandez labeled the interaction caught on camera “child abuse.”

“A woman forces a boy against his will to watch the LA PRIDE March as LGBTQ attendees twerk here in Hollywood CA,” he captioned the video.

The footage is more evidence of the gay community’s attempts to indoctrinate the nation’s youth into accepting the LGBTQ+ agenda, with similar incidents happening across the country over the weekend.

Paul Joseph Watson highlighted various instances documented at Pride events this past weekend that were advertised as “family friendly,” however, it’s clear they were far from it, with some performers appearing nude and promoting sex fetishes – all in front of children.

“Before the pride parades began, numerous prominent voices once again reiterated the ludicrous claim that LGBT pride marches were nothing more than PG and that parents should bring their kids to them,” Watson wrote.

Additionally, singer Christina Aguilera took to the stage at a “family-friendly” pride event in Los Angeles swinging around a giant green dildo.

Judging by the clips, maybe it’s about time to admit the LGBT brainwashing has gone too far.

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