Road Rage Cop Wants to Press Charges on His VICTIM!

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Imagine that you are at a red light, in the right turning lane, and the person in front of you just sits there messing with their phone. You blow the horn and motion for them to move on and you give them the middle finger when they still sit there. Next thing you know, the person gets out of their vehicle and starts walking towards you, flashing a badge. You both exchange some words and then the off-duty cop punches you in the face!

After you report the assault it takes nearly twelve days for a warrant to be issued for the off-duty cops arrest. If me or you had of done this, we would be arrested the same day When he was getting arrested he had the gall to think that he could press charges on his victim!

Here is Brian, from “Here’s The Deal” showing the mentality of this officer that punched a man for bruising his ego.

Here is the uncensored video:

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