Seattle To Allow Illegals To Join Police Department

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The Seattle Police Department will turn to illegals in an attempt to address its manpower woes, according to Law Enforcement Today.

The city will take advantage of Senate Bill 6157, signed into law by Democrat Governor Jay Inslee, to allow it to recruit illegals with DACA or “dreamer” status.

Since “dreamers” are in the country illegally, they are not allowed to carry a firearm. But Biden’s ATF ruled that DACA recipients could carry weapons and possess ammunition as part of law-enforcement roles.

In Los Angeles, Police Chief Michael Moore changed department policy so that DACA recipients who are members of the police department could carry their weapons off-duty, buy reclassifying off-duty hours as part of the “performance of their official duties.”

Staffing in the police department is at levels not seen for some 70 years. As at 31 December 2023, there were only 424 police officers working in the department, with 66 eligible for retirement and 84 over the age of 50.

Senior members of the Police Officers’ Guild told Law Enforcement Today that the low staffing level was due to the left-wing city administration’s “anti-police mindset.” The city passed an accountability ordinance targeting police, and during the George Floyd riots, leftist activists were given subpoena power at the same time as arbitration rights were removed from police officers.

A number of officers were also fired for refusing to comply with the department’s vaccine mandate during the pandemic.

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