So Much Of What We Are Told Are Lies…

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I hope that everyone that reads anything on this website does not accept it as the Gods honest truth. That is not my intention. My intention is to bring up topics and hope that people will read it and then take the time to do their own research to reach their own conclusion. I can surely, without a doubt, tell you that the mainstream media will not tell you to do your own research. They want you to believe everything they say.

What I do know to be true, based on my own observations, is that the majority of Americans have taken freedom for granted for so many generations. They have allowed themselves to have so many of their rights to be infringed over the past two years. So many have lost sight of what natural law and true freedom is all about. Too many would rather have false security than essential liberty. I have questioned many “mask wearers” about the reasons for wearing such a useless thing. (Useless for the one wearing it, not for the controllers.) The answers I get always revolve around what seems like it’s a “security thing” for them.

Before I ramble off too much, here is the main item of this post. It’s Max Igan sharing some insight on the deception, the manipulation of the mind, and where he believes humanity is headed.

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