The Attack On Red Meat

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I have lived on the carnivore diet my whole life. I eat and love red meat just as much as a wolf does. If you have been paying attention over the past decades you will know that red meat has been under attack. From stories saying that red meat will cause heart problems, to the vegans saying that it’s cruel to eat other animals. Here lately the prices of red meat have risen like crazy.

Why the attack on red meat? Well, I believe it’s because the globalists know that men or women that eat red meat are going to be healthier, stronger, and simply have more “fight” in them than those that do not eat red meat. These elites want to turn men into “soy boys” that will be weak and not stand up tp tyranny. They also want all of the red meat for themselves, while telling the rest to “eat the bugs”!

I have been following Dr. Shawn Baker for some time now. He lives the carnivore life to the max! He has been calling out all of the medical industry, globalists, and vegans on their attack of red meat.

Here is a quick video of him pointing out the attack on red meat. Be sure to follow him on YouTube.

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