The Cops In Todays Society…

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The law enforcers of the world today all have one thing in common. They all crave POWER! Whether it’s local, state , or federal the ones that took a sworn oath to protect the rights of individuals absolutely fail at upholding the rights of the individuals . When you encounter a law enforcer today, your life hangs by a thread. No matter how cooperative you are with these uniformed gang members their number one priority is to look at you as an enemy.

If you are not in their “thin blue line society” then you are looked upon as a suspect. Most police today make up things as the encounter unfolds. They want your I.D. like a drug addict wants crack cocaine! God forbid if you question the reason they want to see your I.D. That in their eyes is suspicious. That’s because they are conformist order followers. They are not moralists, who use logic to question the indoctrination of society. They view anyone using logic as rebellion against their perceived authority.

Today’s law enforcement also view anyone who decides to record a police interaction as a threat. Why is it that they see it as a threat? It’s because it is an unbiased witness to what is actually transpiring. The camera does not lie. It holds the law enforcer accountable for their words and actions. There have been many law enforcers caught doing tyrannical things with their own bodycams!

How brainwashed does a person, such as a law enforcer, have to be in order to believe that anything that a politician writes is something that they must enforce without questioning it? A law enforcer creates revenue for their jurisdiction by essentially being a “pirate” for politicians. If the politicians did not have their “stormtroopers” then they would be powerless. This is something to reflect on as we head into 2023.

I see, in Americas future, more tyrannical dictates being placed upon it’s individuals. The law enforcers will be expected to set aside their critical thinking and be the order followers to enforce these edicts. A person that believes that they have a higher authority over another person has to have an evil mind or else they could not live with themselves for what they have done to their fellow man.

There have been many instances where people exercised their freedom of speech in the presence of law enforcers and the end result was retaliation by the officer. That’s because most law enforcement live their daily lives angry at the world and you are their punching bag. Most of them are like a pressure cooker waiting to boil over.

How do I know all of this? Because I was one of the “thin blue line” gang members in the past. I was trained to view the public as inferior. I was trained to look out for the departments safety over the individuals safety. I was expected to “look away” at other officers doing tyrannical things to individuals that did not deserve it. I admit that, in the beginning, I was naive and used the phrase “just doing my job” to keep from looking at myself and my actions. One day I realized the path that I was headed down and I made a choice to get off the order follower track.

What I am attempting to convey in this post is that so many law enforcers are contributing to the demise of their own freedom as well as that of future generations by being conformists rather than being moralists. Their inability to simply stop and look at things without filtering it through the badge is why they continue to extort, hurt, and not respect their fellow man. An injustice done to one man is an injustice done to all men. When the politicians order their “stormtroopers” to “round up” society will you, the officer, obey?

Here are some great channels to look at and see the tyrannical actions of law enforcers. If you are a badge wearer, take a moment to watch the actions of the gang you belong to. You may even see yourself on one of them. The next time you violate a fellow mans rights ask yourself: What do I see when I look into the mirror?

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