The Dangers Of Flock Cameras

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Big brother surveillance systems are being used all over the U.S. even in suburban neighborhoods. If you have seen any of these cameras like the one pictured above then your law enforcement agencies are spying on you. These cameras read passing cars license plate numbers and run them on the NCIC system. If it comes back as stolen or the local law enforcement just wants to keep tabs on you it alerts them to your presence.

These AI driven camera systems can be abused or make a mistake that could quickly make you out to be a criminal. You could find yourself being pulled over and be the victim of a felony stop where the law enforcers are holding you at gunpoint and commanding you to exit the vehicle and walk backwards toward them. Then they will have you kneel down and they will cuff you. What happens if you are innocent and not breaking any law? Well, you will probably just be told “have a nice day” as they realize what they have done and leave to go find their next victim.

This scenario, that I just described, happened to a lady and her husband in Oceanside CA. On 1-29-23 Oceanside Police had gotten a hit from the flock camera system, used in the area, that a rental vehicle was in the area and it was reported stolen from the rental agency. Turns out that it was reported stolen by mistake. After the police treat them like felons they start saying “we just got to do our job…”. These peoples lives were just put on the line thanks to these cameras and a mistake and all they can say is a bunch of excuses.

These cameras should never have been implemented across America. We are headed right behind China when it comes to big brother surveillance. Here is “The Civil Rights Lawyer” channel showing us how all of this went down.

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