The Evil Mindset Of “The Thin Blue Line Gang”

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Law enforcement, also known as, “the thin blue line gang” have a mindset that they have a higher claim of authority over their fellow humans. This is so obvious in today’s society. To actually enjoy putting another human through hardship you have to have an evil mindset. To blindly follow orders without using any morality does not make a person “honorable”. It makes them someone without a “moral compass”.

It will come a time, in the very near future, where law enforcers are going to be “ordered” to do things that are tyrannical and morally wrong. Those that truly can think for themselves are going to say no, “I will not follow these orders”. There are only a few of these officers out there. The majority will happily follow any order that gives them the opportunity to “flex their power”.

Below is a video from the “Lackluster” channel showing how the Wetumpka Alabama Police treat the elderly. The officers treat two elderly ladies like crap for simply feeding stray cats in a public park! When you watch this you will clearly get a feel for the mindset of these officers. They are the type of officer that will not use good morals if they are ever ordered to do tyrannical things to another human.

As I ask all law enforcers without any morals:

What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror?

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