The Great Reset Docuseries: Introducing The Reset & The Plan For Global Governance

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A new docuseries by Rebel News journalists Kian Simone and Lewis Brackpool takes a deep dive into the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset plan, a blueprint for global governance using international institutions to implement a controlled demolition of Western civilization.

“We provide the background of the World Economic Forum and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, along with the other global elites who assisted in the birth of the organization,” the YouTube description states.

“We explore the organizations that compliment each other, working alongside the WEF to plan and enact a new form of global governance through The Great Reset.”

The premiere of the Great Reset docuseries comes as the WEF and other global leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland from May 22-26 to coordinate and consolidate the Great Reset agenda and codify the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.

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