The Great Reset is The Great Con

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More than a year ago, it was pointed out that you shouldn’t look for logic in trying to figure out why COVID necessitates The Great Reset.

It’s a hustle, and not a very good one.

The main PR grifter, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, points to the devastating economic consequences stemming from the pandemic. THAT’S why we have to reorder the whole planet.

But digging down a few inches below his bloviation, we see this: the economic devastation equals THE LOCKDOWNS.

In other words, the lockdown policy of governments brought on the economic horror story—and now, to correct THAT action—which never should have been taken in the first place—we have to transform the world by putting Globalists in complete control.

If you buy that line of thought, I have condos for sale on Jupiter.

Here is another translation of what Schwab is saying: With people reeling from the COVID restrictions, Globalists can pull a smoke and mirrors act and steal everything they haven’t already stolen.

Schwab then follows this up with a new pile of gibberish about turning corporations into “stakeholder capitalists.”

Meaning: These companies would care more about their workers, their communities, their environmental impacts, and the planet.

The vague generalities are a tip-off. Somebody is going to have to define them and enforce them. That would be…who? A bureaucracy of vast size working for a global governance body.

If you have faith in such a system, I’m selling all of Jupiter. Cash only, up front.

A word about environmental impacts. If polluting corporations themselves weren’t controlling national departments of justice, we would already have a far cleaner environment. And many corporate CEOs—friends of Schwab—would be in prison.

Transforming “the global order” isn’t going to solve environmental problems. Reducing “our carbon footprint” by lowering energy production across the world—thus creating more poverty—isn’t a solution.

The need for a Reset doesn’t flow from COVID. The false pandemic was launched SO THAT a Reset could be ushered in.

Unfortunately, we have millions and millions of rubes and yokels who—when billionaires say LOVE AND PEACE and WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER—get down on their knees and exclaim FINALLY, A BETTER WORLD.

What would that better world actually consist of?

Wall to wall surveillance; universal guaranteed income tied to social credit score; elimination of private property; massive censorship; freezing and seizure of bank accounts; technologies deployed to re-program humans—this “Great Reset” is—miracle of miracles—a set of plans that sprang to life full-blown in the minds of Humanitarian Leaders AFTER COVID was announced in January of 2020.

Sure. You bet. Uh-huh.

The oldest con of cons is bait and switch.

Bait people with a story about a virus, and then while you’re “protecting them” from the fairy tale germ, switch over to the Reset. And say, “Don’t worry, it’s part of the protection.”

Here’s an argument mentally challenged people are fond of making: If you sincerely and earnestly want a better planet, that’s all that counts. The details, and who will take charge in creating that planet, are of minor importance. Leave the job to the experts.

But wishing doesn’t make it so. Generalities don’t automatically translate into desired outcomes.

How do you think leaders have always conned their followers? By promising them pain, suffering, poverty, and slavery? Leaders offer peace and happiness. They have to. The happiness will come in this life or the next. And it will be managed by entities the leaders promote.

Even when the manager is God Himself, it’s not your God, it’s the God in the stories the political leaders tell. He’s the one they want you to worship. They know you have your own, and they try to make you believe theirs and yours are the same.

They say there is a Plague in the land, and God or the Devil or Nature or a Lab sent it; and just over the horizon sits the overarching Answer; the beautiful Dawn. The Promise.

But it’s not the Promise in your heart. It’s the one in theirs.

So use your power to look into their hearts.

See what’s there.

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