The INSIDIOUS Bill Gates intends to force-vaccinate all HUMANS by first injecting farm animals with deadly mRNA

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The insidious pharma goons at Bayer are manufacturing mRNA vaccines for animals in Germany, including for potential variants of SARS-CoV-2. Merck is already selling mRNA vaccines for swine and harnessing RNA particle technology for other animal vaccinations for porcine circovirus and influenza A virus, according to their own website this year. Now, the infamous Bill “GMO everything” Gates claims he wants to improve the genetics of animals by injecting them with mRNA technology. He is focused, of course, on only the animals that humans consume, so he can “improve” the world’s food supply.

The Microsoft-founding billionaire is acquiring enormous swaths of US farmland faster than McDonald’s can super-size your GMO fries. Is this Bill’s way of indirectly force-vaccinating humans, including those who already know that mRNA is a biological weapon of mass destruction? Many believe so. It appears that Mr. Population Control himself has found another way to reduce the world’s populace by several billion folks.

Is fast food eugenics devolving into mRNA vaccine technology where food creates spike proteins that clog and clot the vascular systems of those who eat it?

If you are American, you most likely already know that fast food, which is loaded with GMOs, gluten, processed oils, dairy, tainted meat, and sugar, is the main culprit of preventable diseases running rampant in this country, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and dementia. Now, the spike protein prion injections for Covid-19 are leading to apocalyptic waves of sudden death, including heart attacks, strokes, vascular clotting and SADS (sudden adult death syndrome).

Since Bill Gates wants to reduce the world’s population by a few billion people, as he’s clearly stated at his favorite TED conferences, why not use deadly mRNA jabs in farm animals, and double down on the chronic fast-food-induced death tolls? His ‘philanthropy’ extends so far down the line that he just wants to help livestock have better genetics so they can be “more productive” since he was “down in Ethiopia” seeing how chickens lay more eggs and “get more nutrition,” thus delivering more “savings into the household.” Is that why eggs have been hit by inflation so hard, Bill?

Did you know that Bill Gates’ father was head of Planned Parenthood? Yes, population reductionism runs in the family, and that’s why one of Bill Gates’ main goals is to kill off a few billion people by doing a “really great job with healthcare and vaccines” (abortion and Covid clot shots). Now he’s plugging money into animal vaccines, since about a fifth of the world’s humans won’t get the clot shots or succumb to Planned Parenthood abortions.

There is ZERO evidence that farm animals can spread Covid-19 to humans, and hardly any of them catch it to begin with

The Covid-19 fear-based propaganda and scamdemic campaign is relentless, and goons at the CDC, FDA, and WHO don’t plan on letting up any time soon. In the United States, there are several billion chickens, a hundred million cattle, and 75 million hogs being bread for slaughter at any given time. Since Covid-19 is rumored to have begun in animals (recall the bat-eating China wet market mainstream narrative hoax), the fear-based pandemic is devolving into the fear that animals around the world will spread Covid-19 to humans, so everyone will support mRNA jabs for their pets and livestock too. How absurd.

Maybe Fauci’s flock of insidious scientists at Communist China’s Wuhan lab are working on some new gain of function for bovine viruses and porcine viruses, so they too can jump to humans who love hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and pork chops. Scientists have already studied coronavirus in livestock and there is ZERO evidence that they can spread it to humans, still, Bill Gates is always searching for ways to save the planet by eliminating several billion humans. He calls it philanthropy.

Bookmark for updates on Bill Gates wrecking the food supply that comes from animals and their byproducts, all so he can depopulate Earth and have more control and money for himself.

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