The W.H.O. Is About To Launch It’s Monkeypox Propaganda Control Attempt In The U.S.-Do Not Comply!

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It is rumored that on June 23, 2022 there will be a propaganda attack, by the World Health Organization, using monkeypox as their weapon. They are going to use the same narrative as Covid=19 and start with the same compliance edicts. They will start the lockdowns, the stupid masks, and of course THE VACCINES!

America I dearly hope that we have learned and remember what these evil tyrants have been doing to our nation for the past two years. When I say “tyrants” that includes ANY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE that does not have the spine to stand up and say HELL NO WE WILL NOT COMPLY! If you cannot stand up for Americas Constitutional Freedoms then you are THE ENEMY OF WE THE PEOPLE, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR TITLE IS!

Stay safe and be vigilant.

Here is a video with information and warnings concerning the W.H.O, the W.E.F and more.

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