The W.H.O. Is Preparing A Trojan Horse…

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(Update: May 29, 2022 – We Won)

A threat to national sovereignty set to go down May 22-28 at WHO World Health Assembly!

The World Health Organization is attempting a ‘power grab’ — quietly setting up a single globalized response to all future ‘health emergencies’

Most people have never heard of the International Health regulations (IHR). The United Sates agreed to the IHR in 2005. These regulations override and supersede the U.S. Constitution. On January 18, 2022 the United States submitted a number of amendments to the IHR that serve to give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the World Health Organization (WHO) to restrict YOUR health related rights ands freedoms.

The 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland this May 22-28, 2022. The assembly will vote on the amendments to the IHR. They are very likely to pass and be enacted into international law unless “WE THE PEOPLE” stand up against this attack on our sovereignty!

These amendments do NOT need to be approved by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate. We (the U.S.) have already agreed to obey the IHR by virtue of our membership in the United Nations and he WHO. We have already given away some of our sovereignty. These amendments are designed to confuse the members into giving away even more of their sovereignty.

In addition to the proposed amendments to the IHR, the WHO has also set up an International Negotiating Body (INB) that is actively negotiating an “International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention Preparedness and Response”. The proposed “Pandemic Treaty” is separate from, and in addition to, the proposed amendments to the International Health regulations mentioned above.

These amendments are a trojan horse. While most everyone is concerned with the “International Pandemic Treaty” that the WHO is calling for, not much attention has been directed to these amendments. These amendments have been censored on the internet, most likely so that no one calls attention to them. Her is one of the amendments, “Article 12, subsection 2 of the International Health Regulations:

Text that is bold are additions or amendments to the original text. Text that’s struck through gets deleted. The highlighted text is the most important part. Let it sink in what removal of the highlighted part means: in case of a health emergency (which can be anything): the Director-General no longer has to consult anyone to set in motion article 49, although he may (or may not) “seek the views of the Emergency Committee.” Article 49 describes the procedures the Director-General has to take when a health emergency occurs. If these amendments are approved by a simple majority of the 194 member countries of the World Health Assembly, these amendments would enter into force as international law just six months later, so November 2022, effectively placing the entire world under the dictates of the Director-General.

Who is the Director-General of the WHO?

The current Director-General of the WHO is Tedros Adhanom Ghegreyesus. Tedros is an Ethiopian official who was elected in 2017 to lead the WHO. Tedros has been responsible for the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, and bringing all countries in lockstep with the WHO regulations. Variability in policy on the National level has been minimal under his leadership.

In 2020 Fox News ran a report which showed the questionable past of Tedros. According to the report, Tedros had covered up three cholera epidemics, supported a terrorist organization, and inflated his resume to claim he had conquered malaria and HIV. Foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang said: “Tedros is the second-to-last person who should be heading the World Health Organization at this time. The last person is Chinese President Xi Jinping.” The Fox article continued to say that Tedros “has been accused of cozying up to countries like China that have pledged millions of dollars to the [WHO].”

There are worries that Tedros does not act as an autonomous man, but acts in the interest of the ‘Great Reset’. Klaus Schwab called the Covid-19 pandemic a “rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”. A student of the Klaus Schwab Young Global Leaders program, Bill Gates, happens to be the biggest private donor of the WHO, through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and GAVI. Tedros also repeatedly stated that “[w]e cannot go back to the way things were”. Perhaps that explains why so many policy ‘mistakes’ were made in the fight against Covid-19, if a return to normal was unthinkable from the beginning.

International Health Regulations (IHR)

Most countries, including the US, agreed to the IHR in 2005, which are “legally-binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States”. This means even countries who did not agree to the regulations, and even countries who are not WHO members, need to adhere to the regulations. The IHR overrides and supercedes national laws, including the U.S. Constitution.

On January 18th, 2022 it was the U.S. that submitted a number of amendments to the IHR, of which giving full control to the Director-General of the WHO is but one effect. The amendments serve to give away more sovereignty and greatly empower the WHO to restrict health-related rights and freedoms. The World Health Assembly, through representatives of its 194 member states, are going to vote on the proposed amendments to the IHR between May 22-28th, 2022. By virtue of membership of the United Nations and the WHO, the member nations are then automatically bound by its rules.

The amendments to the IHR make it perfectly clear that the WHO wants to do more than advise countries, it wants complete control. The WHO “seeks to enforce an authoritarian, one size fits all, “One Health” approach to world health.”

The “Pandemic Treaty” does not exist yet. It is being drafted and negotiated right now. Discussions regarding the “Pandemic Treaty” are important but they are also part of a sophisticated diversion to confuse people and get them to ignore the immediate concern, which is the Amendments to the IHR being considered by the World Health Assembly this May 22-28, 2022.

Everyone has a chance to stop this blatant, and dangerous, power grab. I urge everyone to go to James Roguski’s substack and read his entire 8-page article, and reply to his call to action. Mr. Roguski is a researcher and author who discovered the shenanigans I just described.

What all of this means is that if these amendments get passed and they have another “plandemic” then the WHO can basically call in United Nation police to the U.S. and lock us down like they have been doing to the people in Shanghai, which has been inhumane!


(Here is a link to a webpage dedicated to providing people with the tools to fight this.)

(Link to find contact information for senators and representatives.)

Here is James Roguski speaking to David Knight about this:

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