They Are Defeating Us Without Firing A Single Shot…

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I have found that the majority of Americans do not understand how war strategy evolves. They still believe that to be in a war, there has to be bullets flying by, bombs going off, aircraft shooting, and so on. They fail to realize that in, fifth generational warfare, the enemy can be defeated from within, mostly by psychological manipulation, disasters that appear to be accidents, and causing a nation to fight amongst itself.

We are most definitely in a fifth generation war right now. We have been for quite some time, but it has ramped up significantly. From the launch of the covid plandemic, these food plants burning up, to these train derailments with toxic chemicals, they are all weapons of war against the American people. We are being slaughtered by the globalists without the battle going kinetic.

We do not hear one peep from the puppet in charge Biden or any other government official, for that matter. You don’t hear it from the “Warp Speed King” Trump either. You are definitely not hearing it from mainstream news. The only place that is calling the truth out is alternative media sources.

Why is the military and law enforcement not speaking out and declaring that America is under attack from within? Because they are enabling it! They are order following robot conformists who do not realize or care what future generations will have to live and suffer through.

Every American should be talking to one another and preparing to defend our nation. We should be speaking the truth, no matter what others think of us!


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