Top 10 ways most Americans were conned into getting Covid clot shots

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Take just about any subject matter that is not related to health or safety and the mass media will cover it with great detail and often, honesty. That means up to 8 out of 10 “newsworthy” topics, whether local, regional or national, actually receive real reporting with real facts and real interviews. That’s the main reason most Americans believe everything they read, see and hear on the news, whether by television, internet or newspaper.

Then comes health and safety.

There are no capitalistic ways of making more money in this country than causing people to get sick and then treating only the symptoms of those sicknesses, so the vicious cycle continues. Most people who understand this sad truth call those industries Big Food and Big Pharma. Anything and everything having to do with toxic food and chemical medicine is heavily promoted by mainstream news, and anything and everything having to do with healthy eating and natural medicine is banned, censored and blacklisted. That includes Google searches, all of social media, television, movies, most internet websites and even the bloody newspapers.

Mass media brainwashes 80 percent of all Americans into believing that the CDC and FDA want people healthy rather than dying an expensive, early death

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia are all DESIGNED by Big Food and Big Pharma to “take you out” before you ever collect any of your social security monies or even retirement funds. Those “diseases” and disorders barely existed in America 100 years ago.

Vaccines are also a form of genocide and are fundamental to the chronic-sick care industry. That’s why vaccines contain so many deadly toxins no person in their right mind would ever allow to enter their body, including mercury, human abortion cells, genetically modified animal viruses, and of course now, billions of blood-clotting prions.

So why do people accept these obviously deadly ingredients in their so-called “vaccines?” The answer is simple. Fear.

Fear has been embedded into the brains of naïve Americans who worship the media and think everything they read, hear and see is true. Whenever there’s some isolated case of someone choking to death from a respiratory virus, they think every hospital bed in every city and county across the country is chock full of the same.

It’s been this way ever since the polio “vaccine” was invented. The media used isolated cases of child paralysis to terrorize everyone into believing that a polio pandemic was sweeping the globe and that most people who catch it will end up paralyzed, and it just wasn’t so. Polio was on a massive decline due to improved plumbing and sanitation in hospitals. The vaccine was a con based on fear and manipulation of information. Just take a look at the true investigative history of polio on TruthWiki.

Top 10 ways over 230 million Americans have been brainwashed into getting spike protein clot shots that may end their life soon

#1. Their doctor told them it would save them from getting a deadly case of Covid.

#2. They thought vaccine passports would become mandatory nationally.

#3. They were convinced millions of people already suffocated to death from the lung-infecting virus.

#4. They were told one shot and you’re good to go, so they never anticipated boosters every 4 months, forever.

#5. They heard once you get the shot you can’t catch or spread Covid anymore.

#6. They believed in the same old vaccine slogan “safe and effective”.

#7. They think the CDC and FDA are looking out for their health and safety.

#8. They thought the FDA approval was real.

#9. They think everyone dying from blood clots caused by the vaccines is just “misinformation”.

#10. Lack of proper oxygen from wearing a Covid mask all day, every day, completely clouds their judgment and thinking.

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