Top Doctor Tells Joe Rogan That Covid-19 was a Premeditated Attack on Civilization

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Dr. Peter A. McCullough joined the Joe Rogan Experience to break down how the coronavirus crisis could have been mitigated had the government researched and administered early treatments.

McCullough, who authored the American Journal of Medicine’s most downloaded paper on early COVID treatments, joined one of the world’s most popular podcasts to lay out his theories on everything from suppression of preventative treatments and vaccine propaganda to monoclonal antibodies and vaccine side effects.

On media propaganda exploiting Covid cases to encourage vaccination:

On intentional suppression of early treatments (in order to promote vaccination), and government planning in advance of coronavirus:

On the healthcare establishment’s failures in promoting responding to Covid:

On monoclonal antibodies being arbitrarily restricted by race and vaccination status:

(On a related note, Infowars host Harrison Smith was denied monoclonal antibody treatment earlier this year on the basis of race):

On media personalities like CNN’s Sanjay Gupta “seducing children into taking the vaccine” on Sesame Street: “No good doctor would do that,” McCullough says. “Did he tell the kids and parents there’s FDA warnings that this could cause heart inflammation?”

On why vaccine promotion by doctors violates the Nuremberg Code:

On the Food and Drug Administration disregarding vaccine safety protocols and safety reviews, and federal agencies ignoring deaths attributed to the vaccine:

On thousands of children being at risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis: “My fear is some of these kids that develop myocarditis will be in a 13 percent category where they have progressive left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure.”

On why Donald Trump was right (and the media was wrong) when he mentioned bleach, and why masks don’t work at preventing spread of Covid:

Here is the full length audio version:

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