Transgender Person’s Dream Is To Bewitch A Republican’s Baby Into Being Trans & To Give Old Ladies Heart Attacks

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(What has this society devolved into? Look below and see for yourself.)

A video posted Monday by the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok shows a transgender individual expressing their twisted fantasy about putting a hex on the baby of a pregnant Republican mother.

Speaking with a thick lisp, the TikTok user said, “I think my most toxic trait is that I want to befriend Republicans so they can ‘have a trans friend,’ and then when they get pregnant or have a baby I want them to invite me to the gender reveal party and convince them that the way I became trans is that a transgender witch came up to me and forced me to be transgender.”

The man who identifies as a woman continued, “And then I’m gonna put my hand on the stomach before they pop the balloon at the gender reveal party and I’m gonna go, ‘Reeeeee’.”

As the transgender individual demonically shrieked, their eyes rolled back into their head.

“Your baby is now transgender,” they said. “I want to do it so bad. I want every old lady there to keel over and die of a heart attack. Ughh, it sounds like so much fun. A girl can dream.”

Exposing deranged liberals like this is why Libs of TikTok has been attacked by the establishment over the past few months.

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