Tulsi Gabbard Slams WEF’s Great Reset Agenda: “Must Be Condemned By Us All”

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This article comes from “infowars.com”

Former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda, calling on everyone to join her in rejecting the nightmarish totalitarian vision promoting an upheaval of society as we know it.

Gabbard posted her commentary to Twitter Tuesday, condemning the radical agenda promoted by WEF founder Klaus Schwab which seeks for people of the world to own nothing and be happy, while the global technocratic elite keep everything for themselves.

“While we struggle to afford food and fuel, the elite gathered at Davos/WEF to discuss how we should be allowed to live our lives,” Gabbard wrote.

“Their totalitarian dream of a so-called ‘Great Reset’ where people own nothing and are tracked/monitored with every step, must be condemned by us all.”

The former 2020 presidential candidate’s criticism is refreshing given very few political figures have ventured to bash the Great Reset, which has been the central focus for the WEF and Davos elite since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, a catalyst they hoped would allow them to “build (society) back better” with them in control.

“The vast majority of Democrat lawmakers, current and former, either embrace the tenets of The Great Reset or remain silent on the issue,” writes political columnist JD Rucker.

“To be fair, most Republicans avoid the topic as well, though there are some like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie who have been outspoken on the subject. We track every mention of The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum in the news, and sadly we’re not seeing many Republicans or ANY Democrats talking negatively about them.”

Despite claims the agenda is key to building a better world, the Great Reset agenda has repeatedly been exposed as a subversive communist plot to undermine individuality, Western values and capitalism, and seeks to rebuild society under the control of the WEF and Davos elite.

Gabbard did not explain how her protest squares with her WEF membership as a Young Global Leader, as pointed out by many in comments to her post.

Regardless, her rejection of the WEF is laudable and should be emulated by other politicians interested in preserving their national sovereignty and individual rights.

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