Using Trauma To Control…

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The mass majority of this world do not realize the enormous control that a small amount of people have over the mass population. The ones that are ruining peoples freedom. while the people do not even realize it, use trauma as a means to get so many people into a highly suggestive state. This state of suggestion is basically people being hypnotized. So many people will say that they are in control of their minds. There are people that I know that say this, but everyday they watch mainstream media religiously. Any time I attempt to take them on a journey of self-reflection and to try to see things from “outside the box” they want to run away from me. Then they say that I am crazy! It used to bother me when people would do such things. Now, it just reinforces what I was trying to show them. There are two responses that you can choose to have to fear:

F-E-A-R 1) F- forget 2) E- everything 3) A- and 4) R- Run

F-E-A-R 1) F- face 2) E- everything 3) A- and 4) R- rise up

Below is a video featuring David Icke explaining how trauma is used to manipulate the masses.
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