VACCINE TERROR SQUAD: AstraZeneca’s rap sheet of criminal acts and medical fraud, including their experimental Covid-19 vaccine

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Pro-vaccine fanatics describe anyone who is against being jabbed with experimental, man-made lab concoctions as experiencing “vaccine hesitancy,” but really, it’s vaccine terror, considering the fact that all 4 of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers have criminal rap sheets longer than the Mississippi River, including AstraZeneca. The “anti-vaccine” community of the USA is actually pro-science, and that’s why we are all terrified of getting a vaccine that’s been proven to cause blood clots in the lungs, brain and other vital organs.

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has already shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements for off-label drug marketing and kickback schemes, and now they’ve created this horrific failure of a Covid-19 vaccine called Vaxzevria, a viral vector vaccine, like the toxic, blood-clotting jab made by Johnson & Johnson.

AstraZeneca scientists use a chimpanzee’s adenovirus to carry spike proteins, and fragments from a “gain of function” bat virus into human cells, all while clogging the blood with proteins and prions that are now uncontrollably manufactured by the injected-human’s body. It’s like cancer but worse, and kills you much sooner.

Any vaccines that cause blood clots and death come highly recommended by the World Hate Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Continuation (CDC), just like the deadly Astra-Z SARS-CoV-2 jab.

None of the Covid-19 vaccines have approval in the US for injecting humans, only “EUA” which means they are all human “medical experiments”

AstraZeneca’s deadly jab causes blood clots in very unusual areas of the body, such as the brain and abdomen, proving it’s not some coincidence that these victims got the China Flu vaccine and just so happened to get some new blood clots a few days later.

Medical doctors in the USA are scrambling to explain the deadly blood clot phenomenon, and many are labeling it HIT (heparin-induced thrombocytopenia), but that may be a distraction in order to blame genetics or other health factors, instead of putting the responsibility on the vaccine manufacturers to prove it’s safe and effective, which not one single company has yet to do (they’re all only FDA “approved” for Emergency Use Authorization, which means they’re all medical experiments).

All of this stabbing of humans with experimental gene therapy syringes needs to end and soon, or we’re going to see half the world’s population fall off the face of the earth. The biggest crooks and freaks in the world are creating and marketing these toxic jabs, and they all have a long, sordid history of criminal activity to prove it.

AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine doses corrupted and causing massive blood clotting, so they’re shipping them to India, where nobody knows yet

Since the poisonous jab made by the pharma giant criminals failed authorized use in the USA by the FDA, the Biden Regime decided to ship out millions of the corrupted doses to other countries, including India. Why? They don’t want to waste money and the other countries don’t know, plus, the American vaccine industrial complex is always trying to wipe out minorities, so India and Africa are easy targets… “Therefore the U.S. is looking at options to share the AstraZeneca doses with other countries as they become available.”

Once people in Italy started dying from AstraZeneca’s China Flu vaccine, they seized a batch of 400,000 doses and suspended use. Same thing is happening in Australia, where they now refuse to offer AstraZeneca’s Covid jabs. Even pro-vaccine scientists and virus researchers who literally worked on these Covid vaccines are blowing the whistle on the research fraud and the dangers of the injections. Take a listen:

AstraZeneca changed the name of their Covid vaccine after a string of deaths and blood-clotting cases came to be widely known

If you’re a filthy rich pharma company and you make a toxic product that kills people so fast they sue you and the word gets out, then you just change the name of the product and keep on selling. Problem solved! That’s how the medical industrial complex functions, and that’s why, if you’re pro-science, then you should be anti-vaccine.

After a string of deaths and controversy surrounding the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, the pharma giants switched the name of the vaccine from “AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine” to Vaxzevria, that way, if patients don’t ask any questions, they won’t know that the risks FAR OUTWEIGH any potential benefits. The name change was immediately approved by the EMA, European Medicines Agency, by request from AstraZeneca, without even giving a reason for wanting or needing the name change. Mainstream media in America is silent.

AstraZeneca has their hands in everything Covid. From bacteria-breeding face masks to deadly jabs, it’s all just an means to an end – and that end is world population reduction, control and money. The British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company has concoction labs all over the world, including inside the US. Their portfolio of toxic products includes oncology and respiratory scam products. The net worth of AstraZeneca is $150 billion right now. Covid-19 is an insidious business model and these gangsters have a rap sheet full of offenses to humans across the globe.

Visit if you or a loved one already got a toxic Covid jab and are experiencing side effects, blood clots, adverse events, blindness, deafness or dementia (then you might have your loved ones help you with the smart device). Now tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation. Plus, learn how to best prepare for the upcoming vaccine-induced wipeout.

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