What’s The Real Reason For The Riots?

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The riots that are currently going on in certain spots across the country are supposedly in response to the George Floyd incident. I don’t think it is totally because of that. I believe that what we are seeing unfold is the anger and resentment that has been building up because of this COVID19 “plandemic” and the stress of the lock downs. It has been like a “pressure cooker” and people like George Soros have taken advantage of that. These “protesters” have been seen being brought in large numbers. Common sense tells you that most people do not want to destroy the communities in which they live in. It’s not really even protesting that is being done. It’s just all out destruction.

What good is it doing to destroy businesses and then loot them? Too bad all of this “dis-organized” rioting has cost so much damage to businesses. I also believe that the end game of all of this is to force martial law. It’s also strange that the COVID19 news has died down and now this is the big topic. In some news outlets they are encouraging the actions of the looters.

Have you seen any police protect any business? You are seeing the true nature of the police come out during this. Just imagine if this kind of anger at the tyrants could be done in a way that did not damage businesses or hurt the wrong people. The main thing to remember during all of this is to stay vigilant. If you have a small business, do not depend on the police to protect it. You stand guard, armed and ready to take anyone out that dares to damage your property. During the L.A. Riots there were several store owners that stood armed and ready to protect their business and they were successful. If you find yourself in traffic because these lunatics have blocked the road, don’t sit there like a sheep. You drive through them if you have to! These are going to be some dark times and it’s easy to try to block it all out. But we must stay grounded to reality!

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