When The Media Starts Backing Desantis…

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I have been following Desantis for quite awhile. I actually think that he has been doing great things in Florida. He stood up against Disney’s pedophile ring. He is resisting big pharma. He tells Biden where he can stick it. Overall, he seems like an “America First” politician. Keyword: “Politician”.

Now Desantis has been on the losing end with the mainstream media. Until recently. Lately I have been seeing more and more mainstream media starting to support Desantis. Whenever the media supports someone that is a RED FLAG to me. The media has been running the tagline “time to dump The Donald and run with The Ronald”.

What have they got on Desantis? What do they have to manipulate him? Why does the media suddenly support him?

These are questions that we should keep in mind.

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