Why You Must Buck The System & The Group Collective

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This article comes from “infowars.com”

“The animated contest of liberty is waiting for you, but you’ve got to take it in your hands. You’ve got to have a will to accept the truth and buck the system and the group collective. Do that, and you’ll earn your way to the next level. This is the info war.” ~ Alex Jones

When you’re imprisoned by the group collective, you’re allowing other people to dominate your life.

The group collective turns you into a NPC, a conformist captive to everyone else’s values instead of your own.

Thus your entire existence revolves around impressing others rather than being true to yourself.

And when you’re that reactionary, you feel empty inside. You’re a soulless chameleon. You allow others to falsely define who you are.

On the contrary, you’re created in the image of God, meaning that there’s divine individuality within you that no one besides you can cultivate.

But the matrix doesn’t want you to know that.

You see, the system would rather exploit you for its own benefit by forcing you into a lifestyle of obedience, consumerism and debt slavery, in other words, a lower level of consciousness where you’re barely experiencing the fullness of life.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

When you’re in the group collective, you lack the strength to stand on your own. You’re too busy climbing the social ladder to realize that’s not the path you’re meant to take.

You surrender your own values and your own passions in a vain attempt to win social approval from people plugged into the system which kills the human spirit.

Additionally, the system dumps you on the basement level of its hierarchy where you’re meant to feel like you’re not that special or important.

That’s why you’ve seen this rise of so-called “social media influencers” who seem to make you feel worse about yourself while you and thousands of others consume their narcissistic content.

Inside the system, you’re expected to be a sycophant – a bottom feeder consumer of society – and you’re certainly not meant to stand out on your own. 

You’re expected to worship the “VIPs” the system declares to be “important” by listening to their music, watching their movies and retweeting their opinions.

That’s why you’re always asking yourself why certain celebrities don’t seem to have charisma or talent, yet the establishment keeps pushing them onto the population.

The system wants to narrow your thoughts and thus your awareness by making it more convenient for you to regurgitate their talking points instead of thinking for yourself.

The group collective might even coerce you into a career path that doesn’t fit your personality but instead gives you a degree of “social proof” in the system’s fake hierarchy.

But it’s time for you to accept the truth.

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You must live by your own values because that is the only way to truly feel fulfilled in your life.

If you give up your own values, you’re betraying yourself because you’re surrendering your true identity in exchange for being fit into a little box – being roped up with the rest of the herd, no different than the next.

When society dictates who you are, it will always undervalue your true worth.

That’s why you must buck the system and the group collective.

It’s time for you to reach the next level.

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