Your Body… their Battlefield: COVID “vaccines” are biological warfare via 5 major fronts

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According to military terminology, a multiple front war occurs when opposing forces engage on geographically separate fronts or “frontiers” in order to increase their chances of success. These battlefronts are contested, armed frontiers that can be local or tactical fronts, and can also become what is termed a “theater.” The term “home front” denotes battle in civilian sectors, including those responsible for production of materials. Is all of this starting to sound familiar? Think Covid “fronts” and keep reading.

Big Pharma knew that if the Covid clot shots caused too much catastrophe too quickly, it would be too obvious, and that is why the Fauci Flu shots are designed mainly to attack the human body on multiple fronts, especially exacerbating preexisting conditions, diseases and disorders. Then every death by vaccine can be termed death by co-morbidity or just death by Covid.

Geographically speaking, inside the body, there are several major systems (fronts) where the vaccines are designed to attack. For instance, the vascular system. Both Pfizer and Moderna shots instruct human cells to create billions of microscopic “spike proteins,” which is just a fancy term for deadly, blood-clotting and cancer-causing prions. The entire vascular system can become clogged rather quickly, causing the side effects we already see so commonly in the vaccinated, including myocarditis, rare blood clots (brain and lungs in particular), central nervous system malfunctions, cancer cells multiplying at exponential rates, and sudden heart attacks just hours or days after injection.


All of mainstream news is the theatre. Here is where we see every narrative planned and played out like watching a Hollywood movie, except this theatre brings all of the verbiage that denotes every rule, regulation, mandate, protocol, prescription drug and deadly vaccines with boosters that 200 million Americans think they need. Pure theatre.

“Home front” battles happen in civilian sectors, including cutting off supply lines and production of necessary materials for survival, like food, medicine, fuel

Notice massive inflation happening right now, especially concerning food, fuel and shipping costs? This has all been engineered. Production in China has been cut almost in half due to Covid. Grocery store and supermarket shelves are going bare fast in America. Fuel prices have double and tripled in some arenas. Shipping costs have skyrocketed, even domestically.

Big Pharma is using the “Art of War” against humanity and the Covid “vaccines” are the weapons of mass destruction. They’ve banned and outlawed natural cures for Covid, including ivermectin, monoclonal antibody treatment, promotion of vitamin D and zinc and the list goes on.

The naval bombardment is taking place in the human vascular system, where the seas are the blood featuring millions of foreign vessels (spike proteins) that bombard the system. Nano-particles are part of the cyber war, engineered with mRNA bioweapons, sending microscopic prion-particles (ground troops) to overwhelm enemy systems (your organs) and blockade the transportation of vital supplies, including oxygen, nutrients, natural medicine, and even wrecking natural immunity from antibodies.

Covid masks are also designed to cut off oxygen and nutrient “flow” so the enemy (all people) are weak and easy to defeat. The artillery is the bombardment with dirty electricity and EMF exposure, through smart devices, 5G technology, WiFi, power meters, and other “civilian” sector fronts.

The propaganda is delivered as verbiage via social media, television, movies, shill websites, fake news, newspapers, radio and people wearing bacteria-breeding masks everywhere. They are all walking posters for the scamdemic.

Covid “vaccines” attack and shut down the human body on FIVE major fronts, serving as a multi-front war on your biology

The Art of War or “Sun Tzu” dates back to a Chinese military general from the 6th century BC. It involved 13 major “fronts” of war, including laying plans, use of energy, weak and strong points, maneuvering an army, classification of terrain, attack by fire, and use of spies, to name several. During the Sengoku period, the century from the 1460s to the 1560s, Japanese military had become invincible in all battles without relying on guns, simply by using The Art of War.

The new biological war that’s being waged against humans right now is very similar, because there is no use of guns, or bombs, or even real infantry. How could this be? One word. Vaccines. Here are five major fronts that serve as the battlefield for the war on humans waged by the Covid vaccine manufacturers and communist China.

#1. Blood clots caused to form

#2. Graphene micro-device nano-bots (look like octopus) assemble inside the body

#3. Cells are recoded (mRNA) to produce toxic prions that cause blood clots and cancers

#4. Vital organs and the immune system are attacked, including the heart and brain (myocarditis and CNS disorders, plus ADE from boosters)

#5. Blood is invaded by billions of prions at once (non-mRNA “payload” Covid jabs, like J&J) that cause blood clots and cancer

The nano-technology being used utilizes graphene micro-particles that function like a “nano-octopus” by self-assembling inside the blood and organs of humans. This network of interconnecting microdevices have nodes and sensors, and possibly even antennas and receivers on a nano-scale level that may be functioning with the 5G networks. These nano-particles take instructions from an outside source (Big Tech) and assemble inside the body, then take over humans systems, instructing cells and/or organs to complete horrific actions that weaken, maim and kill the victims.

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