A Glimpse Into An “Authoritarian Statist”…

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Some may have heard of the former law enforcer named “Brandon Tatum”. He is on YouTube and does videos mostly about pro-Trump, “backing the blue”, and worshipping the Republican party. He has several times justified law enforcement committing acts of violence on people. He gets angry if someone “flips off” him or the “thin blue line” flag.

Brian from High Impact Flix and Grease Monkey videos has called out Brandon Tatum’s mentality several times. Brian made a video that showed Tatum saying he may have to “put his hands on” or “pull out the strap” on the person that flipped off the blue line symbol. Then Tatum made a video calling Brian “a whack job”. Tatum also turned down an opportunity to have a discussion with Brian. Tatum showcases the exact kind of mentality that law enforcers have. I should know, I was one of them. I can look back at the time I wore the badge and say that I had that same thought process. Thank God I saw the path that it was taking me down and got off that path.

Here is the first video Brian made concerning Brandon Tatum:

Here is the follow-up video by Brian explaining Tatum’s ego and mentality:

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