A Glimpse Into The Mind Of Servants…

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Everyday I come across people that prove to me that they have the mindset of a servant. It should not surprise me since I am familiar with all of the indoctrination that is applied to the masses from cradle to grave. What surprises me is the fact they these people will actually call a city, county, state, or federal sanctioned agency and ask them if a constitutional protected activity is allowed. It is like they are asking “are we allowed to do this master?”.

Here is Brian, on his channel “Here’s The Deal”, showing us video of a man standing on the sidewalk in Cumming Georgia holding a sign that says “I Love Cumming”. This man has every right to stand there with that sign, however the “servants” don’t think he should. In the video you will hear several people actually call 911 and ask the police and sheriffs office to remove him. They will even ask if it’s allowed! Then you hear the dispatchers say “well unfortunately there’s nothing we can do because of his First Amendment right”. Since when did a persons First Amendment right become an unfortunate thing?

This “servant mindset” is exactly why the world is being taken over by globalists today.

The indoctrination has succeeded.

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