California schools teaching WITCHCRAFT to force critical race theory and BLM indoctrination on students

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A California school district was recently exposed for using WITCHCRAFT to indoctrinate students and force them to comply with critical race theory (CRT) and the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). The Campbell Union High School District in California has been using CRT for many years to disparage “whiteness” and shame students who have less melanin in their skin.

This indoctrination process also seeks unified acceptance of the BLM movement and all its hateful ideologies and political agendas. Simply put, critical race theory is anti-white racism, and it is being driven into students as doctrine. The high school has promoted more than 100 “equity resources” that teach students that white people are inherently racist and owe reparations to people of color. These documents even teach students how to put a curse on other students when they say phrases that go against the BLM movement. The curriculum teaches students to use witchcraft against anyone who uses dissenting phrases such as: “all lives matter.”

Students inundated with left-wing Marxist propaganda

The District Board of Trustees for Branham High School gave unanimous support for a resolution that seeks to “dismantle institutionalized racism in our society and our school district.” This includes instating mandatory Ethnic studies and implementing implicit bias training to eradicate “white privilege.” The Board also seeks to provide resources that teach the guiding principles of the BLM movement. Superintendent Robert Bravo even said during a board meeting that he believes that “equity is about equity of outcomes.”

These equity resources include 45 different documents stored on a Google Drive and another 60 links that promote CRT. These documents are linked to flagship CRT resources, including the 1619 Project, “Raising Race Conscious Children,” “Anti-Racism for Beginners,” and “Social Identities and Systems of Oppression.” Each and every one of these resources teach students that white people are inherently racist and should denounce their whiteness. If a white person disagrees with these accusations of prejudice, then they are said to have either “white supremacy” or “white fragility.” Students are taught that all of America’s institutions, from schools to jails, operate with white supremacy and inherently oppress people of color. The documents attempt to redefine “racism” by claiming that racism is only perpetrated by white people with the sole intent to oppress “people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

Students taught to “hex” those who don’t comply with CRT and BLM

White students are supposed to accept that they have “white privilege” and should refer to a “Racial Equity Resource Guide” to rid themselves of their disease. The curriculum teaches white children to dismantle “how you see yourself and how you see the world” in order to dismantle white supremacy. Children are being taught to hate themselves, to hate their heritage and culture. The curriculum is linked to the Black Lives Matter resource guide, which contains an entire section devoted towards indoctrinating high school students. Among the forty-five different texts inside this “guide,” there are writing prompts that encourage students to “hex” other people in order to release their frustration with white cops and other white authority figures. One writing prompt encourages students to target anyone who commits “microaggressions” or says “all lives matter.” The prompt instructs students to “write your own hex poem, cursing that person.”

The resources also encourage rioting and violence toward police. The curriculum contains a section called “A World with No Police.” The prompt suggests that police and military contribute to “system or institutions that contribute to oppression.”  The students are also introduced to “The Black Radical Tradition” which focuses on Marxists teachings authored by Noel Ignatiev and the Communist League. These Marxists talk about “abolishing the white race” and quashing their opposition by labeling them “white supremacists.”

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