Government Regulatory Agency Dictatorship – How the US federal agencies are armed-to-the-teeth for the war against Americans

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The FDA, FBI, CIA, DHS, EPA, USDA, and IRS are now fully geared up with assault weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition, thanks to the Obama and Biden Regimes, ready to battle Americans to the death over their food, land, crops, and yes, unpaid income taxes. Got some food the government wants to seize to send to starving kids in Ukraine? The FDA and USDA have swat teams that can function under NDAA, and come take your food and seize your land at any time, for any length of time (thanks Obama).

Got an opinion that doesn’t fit the narrative you see on fake news? The FDA and CIA have armed teams that can show up at your house before sunrise, and take you away like a terrorist, in front of your kids, and detain you for as long as they want (think anyone who even came near the Capital building or talked about it on January 6th, 2020). The Government Regulatory Agency Dictatorship now functions like an arm of the military, ready to attack Americans and further fund the CCP-led Biden Regime.

The IRS is a military-style enforcement agency and Americans who owe taxes will be treated as major threats and domestic terrorists

According to the gun-grabbing Democrats and Communists running Washington DC and all the regulatory agencies right now, any American who did not vote for Democrats is a domestic terrorist who must be dealt with accordingly. Do you support Trump and the Constitution? You are a domestic terrorist. Do you owe any back taxes? Expect an IRS swat team kicking in your door soon. Did you say or post anything about election fraud in the past 2 years? You must be a Russian spy or a White Supremacist – off to the DC Gulags you go to be abused daily.

Get ready for GRAD, the Government Regulatory Agency Dictatorship, to assault millions of Americans into total submission and police-state slavery

Remember Bernie Sanders and his campaign talked about taxing Americans at 70 percent to begin installing socialism? How do you think most Americans would succumb and pay that exorbitant amount of income tax? The easiest way to enforce it would be to first take away everyone’s guns, starting with automatic weapons (and millions of rounds of ammunition), and the very ones that the government regulatory agency dictatorship is buying en masse as you read this.

Yes, there will be 87,000 new IRS agents, many of whom are taking target practice at human-looking targets so they will be conditioned to kill people who owe money (or don’t owe but the Democrats claim they do). This has been going on for some time, where IRS agents prepare to engage American taxpayers at gunpoint, and the agents will have the automatic weapons in their hands that the Democrats say are such a danger for civilians to own. Follow the bouncing ball, patriots.

The fake Inflation Reduction Act is for spending billions on fake climate control and an IRS swat-task-force of 87,000 agents that will enforce new ‘tea taxes’ that are intolerable, and at gunpoint. They’re really beefing up, because they will be eyeing conservatives, patriots, business owners, land owners, and Trump supporters first and foremost. Get ready for the biggest shakedown of Americans ever. As inflation soars, the ‘resistance’ is growing, and the Demon Democrats know it.

The government regulatory agencies are stockpiling firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and millions of rounds of ammunition, literally becoming stronger and better equipped than the current arms of our military, especially since the Biden Regime began sending every extra dollar and weapon we have to the highly corrupt Ukraine.

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