Grandma Arrested for Feeding People in Need!

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If you want a glimpse into the mind of tyrants, then look no further than the City of Bullhead, Arizona. From the district attorney to the police officers, the actions they took against a 78 year old lady is downright tyrannical to the core!

Back in March 8, 2022 a kind lady named Norma was arrested for simply feeding the homeless! Norma was feeding the homeless in a public park when she was approached by the City of Bullhead Police dept. In the video below you will hear the officer, through his bodycam, call his superior after making contact with Norma and the superior starts to say something, then asks “am I on speakerphone?”. The officer then takes him off speaker, talks to the superior, and then hangs up to say “this is going to be a pr nightmare”. The officer then tells Norma that she is under arrest.

Norma gets booked and at her arraignment she is threatened with 120 days jail, $1,431.00 in fines, and 24 month probation. A reporter that was there spoke to Norma about the incident and it made the local news. The charges got dropped but the City of Bullhead Arizona told her she would do jailtime if she was caught feeding the homeless in the park again.

This story brought tears to my eyes. It also brought up a lot of anger at these pussy ass tyrannical pieces of shit in Bullhead Arizona!

Here is the contact information for the City of Bullhead Arizona, in case you would like to peacefully petition your grievances to the government OR commend any public servants on their behavior regarding this incident:

BullHead City Police Department: +1 (928) 763-9200… City Hall BullHead Arizona: +1 (928) 763-9400 City Manager -Toby Cotter 928-763-0122…

Watch this heart wrenching video below and share it everywhere.

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