Maniac Deputy FLIPS OUT And Body Slams K9

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I have never advocated the use of dogs in police work. I believe it is an abusive climate for dogs. With that being said, K9’s are regarded as actual officers on the department. If someone injures a K9 they are charged with assaulting an officer. But what if an officer assaults the K9? Shouldn’t that officer be treated as assaulting a fellow officer?

Brian, from “Here’s The Deal” is going to show a Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy named Shane Day actually body slam and punch his fellow K9. The dog was hyped up, which they usually are, and briefly bit at the deputy. That’s when he picked the dog up, slammed the dog on the pavement, and then punched the dog in the face.

This is animal abuse.

If you would like to voice your opinion of this to Sheriff Chad Bianco, the number to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is: 1-800-950-2444.

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