Mike Adams tells Sheila Zilinsky: Holocaust level mass death is coming

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This article comes from “afinalwarning.com”

The Health Ranger Mike Adams told podcaster Sheila Zilinsky that a “holocaust level mass death is coming” when he appeared together with authors Gary Heavin and Steve Quayle on the “The Sheila Zilinsky Show.”

Adams noted that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said publicly that “strike forces or strike teams” will be going into communities to enforce the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. He also mentioned that the state of Washington put out help wanted ads for “strike team coordinators” in September last year, and these were on the job boards already.

The Brighteon founder added that a new law proposed by a Democrat in Washington – WAC 246–180 – would “authorize armed health officers to medically kidnap anybody at gunpoint, rip people out of their homes, take them away from their families by simply declaring them to be at risk, even if they’re not infected and show no symptoms.”

“They can be taken to involuntarily to isolation camps, quarantine camps. I think these are death camps. That’s what they’re going to do with these – they’re going to be death camps. And what they’re doing is genocide,” Adams warned.

“They’re trying to get rid of all their political enemies by using health as the cover. So they will say, ‘All these Christians and these Trump supporters and these second amendment people, they sure look unhealthy to us. They are filthy, dirty people, take them to the camps.’ And that is all being put into place right now, unless it is stopped. That’s what they will do. They will exterminate their political enemies, right here in America. Holocaust level mass death is coming if we don’t stop it.”


People are waking up

Heavin pointed out that the northern provinces or states of Australia have already made vaccines mandatory for people to go to work and that the American people are talking so much about all the different COVID-19 lies and transmissions, which adds to the confusion.

“We need to focus now on what’s in front of us and what we can do about it. We had some huge breakthroughs with [Dr. Robert] Malone and his interview the other day with Joe Rogan. And he’s really talking about who’s behind all of this. About globalists and the powers that be and The Great Reset,” Heavin said.

“And I think our audience is made up of certainly the 20 percent of us that are awake. It’s not made up of the 30 percent of us that are covidians. But here’s who we’re really talking to: the other 50 percent of the people that are not part of the cult but that are simply compliant and not thinking. And those are the people that we can reach.”

The Texas businessman-author added that although 30 percent of the covidians are “hopeless” and still need to “wake up,” the good news is that half the American people are reachable.

“The evidence is so strong with Malone talking about the vaccine not working and Peter McCullough and some really incredible people out there bravely speaking up. And then, of course, the evidence that the majority of people hospitalized today have been vaxxed. So obviously, it doesn’t work. People are dying in such numbers now,” Heavin said.

Malone, physician and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, had warned that the COVID vaccines are causing antibody-dependent enhancement or ADE while McCullough advocated the use of FDA-approved drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide and colchicine as treatments against COVID and expressed his concerns about the risks of the vaccines. (Related: Documents and videos reveal life-threatening adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines)

“So as this evidence becomes irrefutable, we’re gonna see these 50 percent move and they are going to move in our direction. And the fact that we are probably 20 percent now is a good start. The American Revolution started on three percent of the population in America. So we got a good start on this and the evidence is coming. The problem is they know that this is coming and they’re going to do the next thing.”

COVID-19 is a bioweapon

Quayle, on the other hand, cited that the COVID-19 is a bioweapon and more variants are coming out.

According to the famous researcher, author and publisher, a deadly hemorrhagic fever will soon be brought up to get the public fear level that the Chinese communists and globalists want.

“So they’re going to bring up something that’s even more deadly. And let’s face it, when people start seeing blood flowing from different orifices, that’s what happens. And those people aren’t in quarantine. And so the powers that be are allowing them to go through the land,” Quayle revealed.

“And one of the words I coined was infections, people who are totally infected with some of the most deadly diseases, biologically engineered to have millions of infection at a time. And these people are out loose. The bottom line is the fact that they are going to release something that is so horrible. And I believe that they want maximum fear, and the whole way that the COVID narrative is going is scaring people into compliance.”

Quayle added that one of the main signs of fear is people dropping dead of heart attacks, and we are now seeing the “extinction protocols” happening.

“This is not a normal time, this is not a normal period. The globalists, the Luciferians, the Satanists have all pulled out all the stops and they are going for it… We’re literally at the point now where all of the threats are poised to take the world’s population down to 500 million,” Quayle warned.

“Nuclear war seems to be getting ready to build up. We are now where they are pulling out all stops. And I don’t think people understand the degree of evil now that’s in the land and that they will not stop until they kill every man, woman and child.”

Listen “The Sheila Zilinsky Show” podcast to know more about the COVID pandemic holocaust that is coming.

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