Operation Gladio 2022: The Strategy Of Tension

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From “Marcoaggressions on banned.video”

Western Europe in the late 1940s was in ruins, but the threat of another enemy in the Soviet Union was omnipresent for those concerned with continental security. The recently formed group called NATO was concerned that the Soviets would turn their attention back towards the West, so they quietly financed and armed groups that could be ready if an attack ever came.

When no Soviet boogieman ever appeared, NATO decided to create their own enemy that they could control and direct in order to commit false-flag terror attacks on the citizens of Western Europe in order to manipulate the public into demanding that their governments give more money to NATO so that they could protect them. A devious trap, to be sure, and the “strategy of tension” was begun.

Is America currently experiencing a new version of Operation Gladio being used to destabilize the country so that the ignorant public will demand that their rights be taken away in the name of “security”? It is a very effective tactic, and one that has been used many times before. Could the recent shootings and social disruptions be more than just coincidence, and are we living through Operation Gladio 2022? The answer will cause grave concerns.

Here is a good book to read about “Operation Gladio”

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