The America we grew up is already gone – what remains is some sick, perverted leftist version of the twilight zone where people now identify as cats and dogs

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I am showing my age here but seeing things happening today that the media and one political party insists is “normal,” when in the past the same things would be investigated by law enforcement, and/or parents would show up and beat the snot out of the offenders, makes one realize that so-called “diversity” being pushed in all aspects of life, is just another way to destroy this once-great nation.

Before getting into the “diversity” training being conducted at government agencies, ordered by the Biden regime, and what is included in said training, let us look at a few examples of how half of America has succumbed to perversion and deviancy.

Pedophilia, A sexual perversion in which an adult or adolescent experiences a primary sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

I remember a time when pedophiles were treated as the deviants they are, yet now, we see liberal websites, including MSM outlets, arguing that pedophilia is just another type of “sexual orientation.”

Back in 2016 the far left website Salon offered up on their website to a pedophile: The title of the now-deleted (but the internet is forever!) piece was ““I’m not a monster”: A pedophile on attraction, love and a life of loneliness.”

I am not going to quote anything from that piece, but for those who want to confirm the veracity of the my assertion that they did publish it, here is the Wayback Machine link.

That is Salon and some would rightly point out it is just a leftist blog, but even large liberal outlets like the New York Times offered space for a piece titled “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime.”

Because I do want to get to the diversity training being forced upon government employees sometime today, we’ll condense other examples and just as links to verify my claims.

• Liberals argue men should be allowed into girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms, and women allowed into boy’s rooms, all in the name of “inclusivity,” without thought to the safety of the children or men/women who biologically have a claim to said gendered areas.

• I remember a time when a teacher and or third-party speaking to a child about masturbation, anal sex and other sexual acts, would have parents in an uproar and the offender fired and/or arrested, yet now, in some states, those topics are part of the school curriculum, for children as young as kindergarten age.

In California children from kindergarten through 12th grade are exposed to “education” on topics such as “fisting,” “blood play,” masturbation, oral sex, and more. (Source)

• Army recruitment videos focused on diversity, using cartoons as if recruiting ten year olds. (Discussed previously here)

• Liberal parents rushing t take their children to “Drag Queen story hour” events and let their children sit in the laps of men dressed as women.

• People now “identify” as animals such as cats and dogs and wolves, while purring, meowing, barking and howling. (Seen in the first video at the bottom of this article)

• Transvestites/ cross dressers within the ranks of the Biden administration and the military, as seen above!

As a side note before moving along, the one on the right, Samuel Brinton, was hired by the Biden regime as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, despite the fact that he/she/it once defended a gay prostitution website that allowed children to be listed for sexual services. (Source)

He was ultimately fired for stealing luggage twice from airports.

Evidently stealing luggage is a worse offense than defending a website that listed children for sexual services to the man that occupies the White House.

The point here is that one political party is more concerned with “accepting all perversions,” than they are the life and safety of Americans and the innocence of children.


A few things slipped through the cracks during the holidays and the issues discussed below is yet another example of the Biden regime pushing “woke” ideology throughout government agencies.

The image above actually speaks louder than any words could, as we see in the White House picture, a gay man who is “married” to another gay man, Pete Buttigieg, a green haired man/woman (?), and behind Pete is Richard Levine that “identifies” as a woman (Rachel), and wears dresses and stockings and pretends to be a woman, who happens to be an Admiral, who Biden hired as the assistant secretary for health since March 26, 2021.

On December 30, 2022, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed with a 19 page PDF of “woke” training being forced upon government agencies such as the Army, NASA, the VA, and more, obtained via open-records law.

Some key quotes from The Washington Free Beacon regarding the training instruction PDF and the WSJ article.

• Asking an Asian person for math help is a microaggression. Reverse racism does not exist. Men can get pregnant.

Those are just a few of the lessons imparted to government workers in diversity trainings and presentations in 2021, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal editorial page. The materials, summarized in a December 30 editorial, show how once-fringe ideas have saturated the federal bureaucracy, from the Department of Veterans Affairs to NASA and the military.

• “Value and center lived experience,” the presentation says. “Do not demand data in order to accept a person’s individual perspective or to utilize that perspective in decision-making.”

• Several presentations use cartoons to illustrate progressive concepts. A training for the Department of Veterans Affairs includes the now-infamous “genderbread” diagram that has been featured in elementary school curricula. A presentation to the National Endowment for the Arts contrasts “equality” with “equity” by juxtaposing two images of people watching a ball game from behind a fence—one in which individuals of different heights are on equal footing and another in which shorter individuals are given a larger leg up than taller ones.

I am not sure which is more disturbing, that children are being indoctrinated  with “genderbread” imagery, or that the Dept. of Veteran Affairs is using the same training materials for adult employees as elementary school children.

It appears that cartoons are a favorite of the Biden regime and our “woke” government agencies as once again, cartoons are used to explain “justice” to their adult employees.


The Washington Free Beacon’s sub-header truly encapsulates the Twilight Zone world we are appear to be living in now thanks to “woke” liberals.

• Men can get pregnant, don’t you dare ask for data, and other lessons from diversity training across the federal government.

The bottom line here is that the America we grew up in is already gone and what we are left with is some sick, perverted leftist version of the Twilight Zone.

20 years ago, if we wrote a fictional script describing everything above, it would be rejected as completely unbelievable. 

Yet this is America today, as we see in the video below where people now are identifying as animals, and teachers are expected to affirm children acting like cats and dogs.

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