The Tyrant Of Paulding County Georgia

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Let’s Make Deputy McMaster WORLD FAMOUS

In the video below, narrated by Brian on “Here’s The Deal”, you will see what real tyranny looks like. On March of 2022, Tyler Canaris was simply walking to work one night when Paulding County Georgia Deputy McMaster protected and served the shit out of him.

There had supposedly been a call about a suspicious person wearing a hoodie and a backpack breaking into cars. When the deputy rolled up on Tyler he immediately assumed that he was the guilty party and went at him like a pit bull. The deputy starts barking out orders to Tyler , who is obviously surprised. Deputy McMaster doesn’t do any questioning or investigative observations. He man handles Tyler to the hood of the patrol car and while Tyler is asking why he is doing this, Deputy McMaster picks Tyler up and body slams him, breaking his collar bone and fracturing the mans skull!

You can hear Tyler moaning in pain while this tyrant says “put your hands behind your fucking back” and “you’re under arrest for obstruction”! Then the tyrant goes through Tyler’s backpack. Tyler ended up staying in the hospital for nine days due to the injuries done by Deputy McMaster. Later the Paulding County Sheriffs Office determined that Tyler was not breaking into cars, but they still charged him with obstruction!

What can we all learn from this encounter? The main thing is that law enforcement is not our friend. The moment that you have any encounter with a law enforcer, your life is hanging by a thread. Be prepared for anything because, as seen in the video, even if you do not appear threatening the law enforcer will still treat you like an enemy combatant. Also, always have a bodycam with you. Wear it and the moment a law enforcer makes contact with you start recording. Don’t rely on just a cell phone to record. You see it took nearly a year for this dashcam footage to be released.

The tyrant with his overlord Sheriff Gulledge

Contact info for Paulding County Ga Sheriffs Office:

180 Constitution Boulevard
Dallas, GA 30132Phone:

(770) 443-3010

Paulding County Sheriff’s Office FB:

Paulding County Sheriff’s Twitter:

Paulding County Sheriff’s web site:

Dear Deputy McMaster: What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Here is Brian narrating the encounter:

Here is the raw camera footage:

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