Tucker Carlson: ‘The WEF Wants To Destroy National Economies’

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This article comes from “newspunch.com”

(I rarely post any mainstream news media , however Tucker Carlson is actually shining a light on the W.E.F. globalists. Hopefully it will help to wake up the still sleeping masses who do not even know what the World Economic Forum is.)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has warned that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is secretly trying to “destroy national economies” in order to usher in their Great Reset for humanity.

“If you’ve been paying attention for the past five or six years, and we know you have been, you probably noticed the inverted nature of modern language. Pretty much everything is precisely the opposite of what they claim it is,” Carlson said on Wednesday’s show.

“So the people who tell you they’re defending democracy are promoting authoritarianism, which is not democracy,” Carlson continued. “Then the Black Lives Matter movement ends up killing black people, who would have seen that coming? Then our public health authorities make the population sicker. And this is our new favorite, the so-called World Economic Forum seems to exist to destroy national economies.”

Dailycaller.com reports: The WEF began Monday, with many world leaders and top business executives arriving at Davos, Switzerland, for panel discussions and speeches.

Speakers at Davos have touted cities where people didn’t need cars, claimed the world did not need “growth or development,” called for censorship and demanded commitments from government and business to achieve “net-zero” carbon emissions.

“Not an overstatement. It was the WEF, keep in mind, that told the government of Sri Lanka to give up modern fertilizer,” Carlson continued. “Oh, good plan, guys. Try it. Result, the country collapsed and people starved.”

Sri Lanka was seen as a place where organic farming could succeed, according to a 2016 op-ed by Columbia University professor Joseph E. Stiglitz, published by the WEF. In a 2018 op-ed posted by the WEF, acting Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe , then the country’s prime minister, boasted that green energy would help make the country rich by 2025.

Then-Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa banned chemical fertilizers in 2021, Reuters reported, and addressed the 2022 annual meeting of the WEF virtually in May of that year. Protests erupted in Sri Lanka in July after the ban on fertilizer led to a 50% decrease in crop yields, with the country’s president and prime minister resigning as a result of the demonstrations.

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