VACCIDENT ALERT: Vehicle accidents caused by vaccine side effects happening all over US roads and highways

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If you’ve noticed the mayhem on US roads lately, you’re not the only one. People are driving like maniacs, cutting people out of their lane, swerving, speeding, running red lights, texting while driving and causing horrible wrecks. Besides being brainwashed by the media, more than 50 percent of all drivers are mass medicated with toxic prescriptions and… wait for it… dirty vaccines. That’s right, vaccines are causing vaccidents all over the roadways, as the protein prions being created in the blood from the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine series are causing blood clots, brain freeze, seizures and strokes.

No vaccine fanatic could have ever imagined it, but then they’re sitting there, in the middle of several wrecked cars, wondering what went wrong (if they’re still alive). Decades ago there was the MADD group, mother’s against drunk driving, where moms around the country banded together to make drunk driving punishments much more strict, including suspended or revoked driver’s licenses, major fines, mandatory drug addiction help groups and jail time. Should we all now form CAVD, citizens against vaccinated drivers, to prevent all these horrific vaccidents that have us witnessing skyrocketing statistics of wrecks on US roads and highways?

Driving while vaccinated? If you drive within 2 weeks of getting jabbed, you should get a DWV ticket that has stiff penalties like a DUI

We have to ask: Why is it wrong to drive drunk, but fine to drive while having a vaccine stroke? It’s not. In fact, the vaccinated should be required get a bumper sticker that declares, “Beware, I’m Vaccident Prone.” Or better yet, if you get pulled over for suspected DWV, driving while vaccinated, instead of taking a breathalyzer test, the officer is instructed to ask you, “Have you had anything concocted in a laboratory injected into your body in the last 14 days?” If you say yes, you are immediately arrested and charged with DWV, driving while vaccinated. If found guilty, you could serve 30 days in a quarantined jail cell and pay thousands of dollars in fines to help those who have been injured by vaccines and by other vaccinated drivers across America.

Yes, reckless driving deaths have skyrocketed. People are suffering from multi-system inflammation syndrome (MIS) and autoimmune dysfunction from the toxic, dirty Covid vaccines that not only impair driving ability, but increase the risk of spreading the virus through shedding during the first two weeks of being injected. That means the vaccines are more than just useless, they’re harmful. Plus, there’s no proof the vaccines even work, as we’re seeing more and more vaccinated people contract the virus anyhow (it’s probably from the vaccine itself or from their vaccinated, virus-shedding relatives and coworkers).

Should vaccinated people pay higher car insurance?

It’s true that vaccine-induced disease and disorder is running rampant. Nobody who has been vaccinated by the deadly coronavirus vaccine should be operating heavy machinery for at least two weeks after injection day, or possibly ever again. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal agency, under the umbrella of the Department of Transportation, that is responsible for saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing vehicle-related crashes in regards to transportation safety in the United States.

NHTSA needs to communicate and coordinate with all state police and local law enforcement agencies across America to prevent vaccinated sheeple from operating any heavy machinery, including cars, tractors, tractor trailers, trains, buses and even airplanes while vaccinated.

Remember, “we’re all in this together,” as we hear all the vaccinated sheeple regurgitate that mind-numbing mantra every day. Well, we’re not all in the sinking ‘vaccine boat’ together, but we are all on the roads together, so let’s do the right thing, and greatly reduce the number of these horrific vaccidents by making some new laws. After all, driving while vaccinated may be even more dangerous than driving while drunk, so every vaccinated American should pay higher rates for car insurance. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to make sure you’ve got vaccident liability and collision coverage!

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how vaccines CAUSE disease, blood clots, seizures and automobile wrecks.

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