What gives law enforcers their lust for power?

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What gives law enforcers their lust for power? What makes them absolutely enjoy to trample on peoples rights and freedoms? What makes them look upon individuals as “their servants”? I believe it comes from a deep rooted inability of the officer to “self-reflect” on themselves. Their decision to become law enforcers actually serves as a “distraction” from “looking in the mirror” and really explore their souls.

I know this because I was once a law enforcement officer and I used the “power of authority” to distract me from looking at myself and facing my own insecurities. You see as long as I was questioning the intentions and actions of other people I did not have to question myself. I do believe that if I had not left law enforcement, I would have never developed a true appreciation for peoples freedoms and liberties. I would have continued down the road of making my own frustrations other peoples problem, which is exactly what the majority of law enforcers do each and everyday in what they call “just doing my job“.

The ego of a law enforcer is what you risk tampering with if you appear to be anything other than a typical “dumb pesky citizen“. That’s because if you are knowledgeable and exert that knowledge on your own behalf, in the officers mind, you are questioning that ego. You are piercing that “ego bubble” that they surround themselves with in order to artificially feel superior. It’s just like anyone driving a hot sports car. Have you ever noticed that any time you start to question a law enforcer they get defensive and say something like “I’m the one asking the questions here”.

During my time in law enforcement, many of the other officer’s I worked with, got annoyed with me always questioning their motives and tactics. I didn’t realize, at the time, that I was questioning my own reason for being in law enforcement. I was starting to develop a sense that I was becoming something that I did not like “when I looked into the mirror”. I started seeing that I was not “serving and protecting” the public, I was serving and protecting only my fellow law enforcers.

With what we have been facing since 2020. The law enforcers have most certainly been used to carry out some of the most tyrannical orders against people based on the COVID-19 “plandemic”. The reason most of them are not questioning the orders of the tyrants are because doing these “acts of enforcement” feed their ego more and more. They lack the ability to realize that they are helping pave the way to a totalitarian state that they and their families will have to live in.

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