Pfizer Fraud Exposed: Vaccine Advisory Committee Lied To Get FDA Approval For Babies

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Stew Peters has discovered the OFFICIAL term for the CDC’s Child-approved Vaccine: LETHAL INJECTION.

James Roguski is here with the latest updates on what the CDC has planned for our children, & it is SINISTER. The Deep State has used their Controlled – Opposition to COVER UP their faulty & destructive vaccines for 2 years. As well as hardly ANY questions about the ethicalness of these HUMAN EXPERIMENTS. Now? They’re choosing their next test subjects:

6 month old BABIES to 4 year old PRESCHOOLERS!!!
The Normies think NOTHING about these injections, See NOTHING about what these vials deliver to your home, & hear NOTHING about how this COVID SHAM has very LITTLE to do with your health, & very MUCH to do with Global DEPOPULATION & control.

Visit “” to read more of James Roguski’s findings.

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