The Summer Of Distractions Have Started…

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The Roe V Wade leak, the “racist mass shooter” in Buffalo, the recent shooting in California. We are entering into the summer of false flag distractions. The media is going to make sure that is all it airs. They are going to twist the truth and take out all forms of logic in order to “frame” the narrative.

Why, you may ask? Because they do not want Americans to stay focused on the true threats coming for their liberties and freedoms. The false flag propagators do not want Americans aware of the W.H.O. health sovereignty takeover on May 22 – 28, 2022. Bill Gates does not want Americans thinking about his farmland takeover to control what we eat. Gates does not want Americans to learn about “the next pandemic”, which he grins and says “that will get their attention”. These shootings will be used to try destroying the 2nd Amendment.

All these “New World Order” bigots want is to keep the left against the right, the black against the white, the male against the female, the children against the parent, and so on. That way you do not concentrate on them taking away your God given freedoms.

So, do not lose sight of the operational goals that we must stay focused on in order to safe guard Americas freedoms. If you are having thoughts of turning to a vice such as drinking, drugs, and other ways to “escape” reality and not have to face the enemy, do not give in! We need every American to stand together against the deep state and be there for one another.

Do not get distracted by the false flags!

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